WorkMed Benefit Services     7620 N. Council Road     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73132     405-773-4266   
Red Tape?  To us, it's just
       another adhesive!
We won't keep you tied up
on the phone.  When you call
us, you're dealing with a
specific person who knows
you and responds to your
needs promptly.

  We prefer the personal approach!

   It's not a different person on the other end of a phone line each time you
   dial our number, and you won't go through a maze of employees to reach
   your adjuster.  The individuals working on our customers' claims are
   dedicated and experienced professionals who are familiar with each
   customer...and readily available for them.  With a professional, full-time
   staff, combining over 60 years of experience in insurance, risk-management
   and third party claims administrationm, your personal care and quality of
   service is assured.