WorkMed Benefit Services     7620 N. Council Road     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73132     405-773-4266   
Red Tape?  It's not a part
         of how we do business!
...bringing an end to red tape!

Many people think of red tape when they think
of insurance claims administration...
the hassles, the complications and confusion.  WorkMed does business in a better way

WorkMed Benefit Services is an Oklahoma provider of third party claims administration
for workers' compensation claims.
  We specialize in making the process of insurance administration simple and
convenient for our customers.
Our focus is on...
YOU! Our services and programs
have been developed in response to our
clients' needs.  We provide timely claims
processing to ensure your employees are         cared for immediately.  We respond
quickly to our customers so if you call,
you will usually reach us; if not, we return
phone calls the same day, if at all possible.